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ATOMIC PAD is now officially open!

See the full store here.

Here is an article about their creator:

Q: How did you get started creating your artwork? 

Vincent D: I was born In France. When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time in my dad's workshop during the week ends. There he taught me the basics and the love of woodworking. 

At that time I was also fascinated by the cars made in Detroit. The huge fins, the colorful bodies, the spaceship like dashboards. I was falling in love with the USA and the American fifties. I discovered the Googie style of roadside America, the diners, car wash, gas stations... I was addicted for life.

After a first career in the sporting goods industry combining my interests for engineering and product design, my wife and I decided to come and live the dream here in California.

We opened Deja Vu(1)  in Long Beach, a store specializing in Mid century modern furniture. 

Among some of the best mid century Modern furniture, I developed an even deeper appreciation for the quality wood and workmanship. 

I met many passionate people, studied the architecture of the era, became part of the Tiki 'Ohana...

Creating handmade wood art with a mid century flair combines all of these passions in one.

Q: Tell us more about your creations: 

Vincent D: My work combines the warmth and natural beauty of walnut wood grain, found in the best Mid Century furniture, with a whimsical, lighthearted design inspired by the fifties. 

From beginning sketches, to handmade models, to the final product, each design is created with care and handcrafted. As such, each piece has unique details and may differ very slightly from the photograph. These are not stamped-out, carbon copies; they are built by hand on demand.

Each piece has a story to tell. A story about spaceships, about a modern neighborhood, about a lost polynesian paradise...